2E.jpgLongline Traces

 Code: 132DW

25 pre tied traces with std longline clips and Nacsan 18R Longline hooks

Lenght-Fits Nacsan trace board


Code: 132DWS

As above but fits Sea Horse Board


Code: 132DWP

As above but fits predator board and has JVI clips


P1040414.JPGLongline non Tangle flasher traces

Code: 132FDW

-18R Longline Hooks

-Sea Harvester clips

-Clear tube on trace for non tangle

-Fits Nacsan trace boards

132bf.JPGTrace Board

Wooden Trace board S/S screws Holds 26 traces. Made in NZ


Code: 132C   Trace board empty

Code: 132B   Trace board with standard traces

Code: 132FB Trace board with non tangle flasher traces


P1050053.JPGFloating Longline trace



Available in 10 or 25pce packs with or with tube for non tangle traces