3B.jpgLongline Grapnels

Steel Grapnel - NZ Made grapnel Galv 500gram Code: NCMGS

Steel Grapnel Weighted- NZ Made grapnel 850gram leade filled Code: NCMGS1

Steel Grapnel Breakaway- NZ Made grapnel 900gram with breakway chain and clip Code: NCMGS1A


Folding Grapnel - 1.5kg  Code NCMF15

NFH6A.jpgHard Plastic Floats

Ideal floats for Longlines, craypots and nets. Hard plastic to take the knocks and elements.


Code: NFH6A  6" Float

Code: NFH9A  9" Float


NF8.jpgPoly Floats

Polystyrene Floats NZ Made


Code: NF6  6" Round Floats

Code: NF8  8" Round Floats

Code: NF9x6  9x6" Cotton reel Floats

Code: NF8x10  8x10" Barrel Floats

NCMB.jpgMarker Buoy


Code: NCMB

-High visibility PVC Flag

-Alloy pole

-Weighted lead filled keel

-9x6" Cotton reel float

-30mtrs dropper line attached

-NZ Made



Also Available without Cord Code: NCMB1


P1060130.JPGRope and float packs



NFR9   9" hard plastic float 30mtrs 6mm rope


NFR6  6" hard plastic float 30mtrs 6mm rope