2B.jpgBeach Longline on Reel and Stand

Code: 134

Longline reel on stand with 1000 mtr 170lb mono crimped with 
56 crimps. Includes 25 pretied traces. 60mtr leader at Start

3-1 geared reel and steel galv stand


Available in 210lb

Code: 1342



Geared reel and stand only without line

Code: 134A

Page120no41.jpgBeach Longline kitsets/refills


1000mtr line with 56 stopper crimps 2mtrs apart. 60mtr leader at start. Comes complete with Hooks clips and trace material

Code: NCLP     170lb

Code: NCLP2   210lb

Code: NCLPA   310lb


Also in 2000mtr lenghts

Code: NCLP1702     170lb

Code: NCLP2102     210lb

108-0880_IMG1.jpgNylon for longlines

High Quality abrasion resistant mono for longlines on Spool


Code :NC170S     1000mtr 170lb

Code :NC210S     1000mtr 210lb

Code :NC310S     1000mtr 310lb


Code :NC170S2     2000mtr 170lb

Code :NC210S2     2000mtr 210lb

Code :NC310S2     2000mtr 310lb