Alloy_oval_crimps_compressed.JPGAlloy oval Crimps

Precision quality Alloy oval crimps available in pre packs and bulk (500pces)

RC30     To suit 30-50lb mono 65 per pack

RC80     To suit 80-150lb mono 55 per pack

RC150   To Suit 150-200lb mono 50 per pack

RC200   To Suit 200-250lb mono 30 per pack

RC250   To Suit 250-300lb mono 25 per pack

RC300   To Suit 300-350lb mono 23 per pack

RC350   To Suit 350-450lb mono 20 per pack

RC450   To Suit 450-550lb mono 18 per pack



Copper Double Crimps

Precision quality Copper double crimps available in pre packs and bulk (500pces)

RD200   To Suit 200-250lb 50 per pack

RD250   To Suit 250-300lb 30 per pack

RD300   To Suit 300-350lb 23 per pack

RD350   To Suit 350-450lb 20 per pack

RD450   To Suit 450-550lb 16 per pack