rr.PNG300 Piece Rigging Kit + Crimping Tool 

Comes complete with everything you need

for making heavy-duty rigs.

The rigging kit features a variety of crimps,

stainless steel thimbles, trace armour,

and lumo tubes to secure and protect your line.

Plus, it comes with hard-wearing pliers with four crimp

ettings and ergonomic grip. 

What's Included:

  • 1 x Nacsan Hand Crimping Tool
  • Crimps: 350lb 250lb 200lb 150lb 
  • Lumo and S/S thimbles
  • Trace armour
  • Lumo tubes




HCRIMP.jpgNacsan Crimping pliers


Hard wearing pliers with forged steel jaws and cutters.

Four crimp settings and plastic grips