9B.jpgBeak Hooks

Chemically sharpened ultra sharp beak hooks


Size       Qty           Code                   Size       Qty         Code 

Size 1      45pces      MB1                  Size 1      100pces  MH1

Size 1/0  40pces     MB1/0             Size 1/0  100pces  MH1/0

Size 2/0  35pces     MB2/0             Size 2/0  100pces  MH2/0

Size 3/0  40pces     MB3/0             Size 3/0  100pces  MH3/0

Size 4/0  35pces     MB4/0             Size 4/0  100pces  MH4/0

Size 5/0  40pces     MB5/0             Size 5/0  100pces  MH5/0

Size 6/0  35pces     MB6/0             Size 6/0  100pces  MH6/0

Size 7/0  40pces     MB7/0             Size 7/0  100pces  MH7/0

Size 8/0  35pces     MB8/0             Size 8/0  100pces  MH8/0


Also available in bulk 1000pce bags

NCLH18.jpgLongline Hooks

These ultra sharp hooks are specially designed for Longlines

Size 18R :

Code: NCLH18  25pce blister pack


Code: NCLH181  100pce blister pack


Size 16R :

Code: NCLH   25pce blister pack


Code: NCLH161  100pce blister pack


Also available in Bulk


MG.jpgStainless Steel Game Hooks

These hooks are forged from high grade stainless to produce a hook with great strenght and razor sharp finish.

Sizes 7/0 to 12/0 

Mpuka_hooks.jpgTuna Circle Hooks

Sizes 14/0 and 16/o


Mutsu_hooks.jpgSuper Mutsu Hooks

Heavy Duty Mutsu Hooks ideal for Livebait and deep water sizes 15 - 28