pARAVANE1.jpgTrolling Paravanes

For when you need to get down to where the fish are!

Complete with 2 weights to vary depth


Std Paravanes comes complete with lure

Deluxe comes with two lures and line holder complete with line


LB200.jpgTrolling Bungy

-1.5mtr elastic bungy

-8mtr clip on trace

-includes rigged lure

-Storage pouch

-NZ Made

Skippy_Lures.JPGSkippy Lures


Brass jethead with Vinal skirt

Comes rigged

Colours - Pink, Black/Purple, Aurura

SJ.jpgSquid Jigs


Pearl Belly squid Jigs

Sizes - 3.5, 4.5

Colours - Pink, Green, Multi, Red Head, Blue, Yellow