MG.jpgStainless Steel Game Hooks

These hooks are forged from high grade stainless to produce a hook with great strenght and razor sharp finish.

Sizes 7/0 to 12/0 

4D.jpg"Stiffy" Lure rigs

Stiff lure rigs for game lures


-Stainless steel hooks

-400lb S/S wire

-S/S Shackle for attaching

-Made in NZ


Sizes 7/0 to 12/0 

nacsan_new_web_photos_040a.jpgMono Wind on leaders


-NZ Made

-8mtrs long

-Include trace armour, game swivel and crimp


Sizes 100lb, 170lb, 200lb, 300lb, 400lb



Flurocarbon Wind on leaders


-NZ Made

-5mtrs long

-The fish will never see you coming!


Sizes 100lb, 150lb, 200lb


LMARN1.jpgStainless Steel Bait Needle

Pull through bait needle suitable for med to large baits